5 Reasons to Build a Cedar Fence

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May 27, 2015
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May 27, 2015
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5 Reasons to Build a Cedar Fence


Are you looking for some good reasons to build a cedar fence?_MG_2532

If you are trying to decide what type of fences to build in that new subdivision, there is really only one choice, build a cedar fence. Natural, North American cedar trees produce some of the best lumber in the world, and if you want a sturdy, long lasting beautiful fence that won’t shrink, twist, warp or rot, cedar is the best product on the market.

Here are 5 reasons to build a cedar fence:

  1. Quality
  2. Beauty
  3. Your bottom line
  4. Environment
  5. Economy


There are several colors and qualities of cedar that make your fencing stand out from the competition. You can choose white cedar, light cedar, red cedar, or dark cedar in strait grain or knotty and not have to be concerned about its quality.

Cedar is a versatile, light-weight soft wood with unique interlocking cells that keep the wood strong, despite its lack of density. Because of its internal structure, your cedar fencing will not shrink like other woods, nor will it warp or twist.

All of our lumber comes in the highest quality ratings, from Clear to #1, #2, and #3. You are guaranteed to have strong, sturdy, beautiful wood every time you order from Source Wood.


Each of the various types and colors of cedar carry their own beauty, with and without character marks, like knots and grain lines. Cedar has a unique ability to take stains that lesser woods can’t match, because cedar trees don’t produce pitch or resin. You’ll never see beads of amber on a board that was smooth yesterday, or be left with a sticky hand from touching the fence, nor will your customers after years of enjoying their fence.

The dry, microscopic pores in cedar allow it to absorbed stains and take on colors beautifully, without bleeding or altering the intended color. Stains and sealers can not only protect cedar, helping it last longer, they can bring out the beauty of the grains and highlights in the wood.

Your Bottom Line

Choosing a locally grown resource like cedar can save your company a lot of money.

  • Cedar doesn’t have to travel across the ocean by boat to get here.
  • Because it is light-weight, you can ship more of it for less than shipping other building products
  • Cedar lasts an average of 20 years hassle free, you won’t have to go back out to make repairs.
  • Cedar is cheaper to produce and ship than steel and concrete blocks.
  • Easier and faster to assemble than steel and concrete fences

Cedar fences just makes financial sense. Your customers and homeowners will love the way it looks and lasts, and you will love how easily and inexpensively it comes together.


North American cedar forests have increased in size 20% since 1970. Our industries efforts to safeguard this resource have ensured that we will continue to have an environmentally friendly renewable building resource for generations to come. As we harvest cedar trees, we re-plant the ground with seedlings, an average of 8 million seedlings per year! It will take 20 years for these to grow to maturity and be harvested, and your fence will last 20 years before needing to be replaced.

After 20 years of life and an additional 20 years of use your fence is 100% biodegradable, revitalizing the soil around it and helping future plants and trees to grow.

Cedar trees absorb CO2, storing it internally, the way our bodies store oxygen in our blood and cells. As the tree grows old or is burned the CO2 is released, so harvesting the trees at their maturity (20 years) effectively removes all that carbon from the atmosphere.

Additionally, the energy saved by growing locally and producing lumber are far less destructive than shipping foreign products, or creating man made products.


When we grow locally, harvest locally, produce locally, ship locally, build locally and buy locally, the entire American economy benefits. Cedar is not just a lumber product, every part of cedar trees are needed in this economy. We use:

  • Pulp for paper
  • Shakes for shingles
  • Trunk for lumber
  • Bark for rope
  • Oil for perfumes and preservatives, essential oils for human use and natural insect repellant
  • Leftovers for cords of fire wood

There is a lot riding on the success of cedar, and cedar is strong enough to support the weight. When you are ready to build, we are ready to supply you with the best cedar on the market.

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