5 Reasons to Build a Cedar Fence
May 27, 2015
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Go Green with Cedar Fencing

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Have you considered going green with your fencing? You might not have considered the fact that there is nothing Greener than responsibly grown and harvested cedar. That’s right, cutting down trees and removing deadfall is good for the environment. How does this work? Not only does it reduce the risk of forest fires, it also:

  • Reduce CO2
  • Renewable
  • Versatility

How Cedar Reduces CO2

If your company is trying to reduce the amount of energy and carbon it uses, buying and building with cedar is a great way to move the needle. First of all, cedar trees absorb Carbon and store it internally. The trees hold it inside until it begins to die of old age or are burned in a fire. We harvest cedar before that happens, locking the stored carbon inside, instead of allowing it to leak back into the atmosphere.

Because cedar is locally grow in North America, there is no high cost of shipping it half way across the world, and when it is shipped across the country or ocean, it is a light-weight product and reduces the cost of shipping and the amount of energy used in order to transport it.

Cedar, a Renewable Resource

Unlike man made building materials, cedar trees can Grow Themselves! Cedar trees reach a harvestable maturity after only 20 years, which is how long cedar fencing will last. After 20 years of growth and 20 years of use, cedar wood is fully biodegradable, feeding the soil for another generation of plants to grow.

Because of the responsible harvesting standards in our industry, North American cedar forests have increased 20% since 1970. The forests are cultivated carefully and each year an average of 8 million seedlings are planted to keep the forest growing strong for generations to come.


Cedar trees are strong, beautiful, aromatic and versatile. Every part of the tree is useful to humans and our economy:

  • Pulp from the trees can be turned into fine paper products.
  • They cover our homes as roofing shingles, or “Shakes”.
  • The lumber from cedar trees can be used in construction, decorations, indoor and outdoor flooring and fencing, adding a level of beauty and sophistication to every undertaking.
  • Cedar bark fibers are long and strong enough to be turned into rope.
  • Oil from cedar wood is used in essential oils for humans as a natural remedy, natural insect repellant in gardens, preservative and in perfumes.
  • Various remains make great firewood and kindling.

Whether you want to help the planet, help your bottom line or help add a level of beauty to your neighborhood, cedar fencing is the best way to go; a product you’ll be proud of and your homeowners will love for years to come.

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