3 Reasons to Build a Cedar Deck

5 Reasons to Build a Cedar Fence
May 27, 2015
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3 Reasons to Build a Cedar Deck

IC 2x6 deck

IC 2x6 deckYou have a lot of work to do, building decks for your customer’s homes, cabins and commercial buildings. In order to get the job quickly and reasonably, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  1. Durability
  2. Cost of construction
  3. Reputation

Our North American cedar can help you wow potential buyers, reduce costs and let the world know that your work can speak for itself.


As you know, decks spend most of their time outside, regardless of rain, snow, heat, hail and everything else Mother- Nature might throw at it. Most wood cracks, splinters and crumbles under this type of pressure, but cedar is not most woods.

Cedar wood has a unique interlocking cell structure that not only increases its strength, it decreases its density and weight and allows the wood to breathe. As the barometric pressure changes in the atmosphere around it, cedar absorbs or expels moisture to match the environment around it. These constant adjustments help cedar adapt to changing weather conditions instead of shrinking, warping, twisting or cracking under the pressure.

Cedar doesn’t contain pitch or resin it has a fragrant oil instead. Sappy trees can undermine a stain, increase the risk of fire and become an eyesore over time. Cedar oil on the other hand is a natural insect repellent and preservative. Cedar is naturally resistant to insects, rot, mold and decomposition, making it a perfect material for outdoor use.

Cutting Costs

The best ways for your company to save money are to:

  • Buy locally
  • Buy light weight products
  • Buy products that are easy to produce
  • Buy materials that are easy to shape, manipulate and install

Cedar grows naturally in forests all across North America, you don’t have to ship them overseas or pay the high price of transporting across large distances. Our cedar mill is top of the line, but there isn’t any dangerous chemistry going on here. We have mechanized the process of preparing cedar for construction, decking and fencing. The fact that there are no research and development or chemical engineering taking place saves us costs that we can pass on to you.  When our cedar arrives, you can have your team cut, drill, bolt, sand and seal it to perfection. It’s a light-weight wood so it’s easy to carry and shape without specialized tools or skills or pre-arranged packages.

Solidifying Your Reputation

You know what they say about reputations, they take a lifetime to build. By building your decks with our beautiful, top of the line cedar, your customers will have a stunning addition to their living space that will last a lifetime. They will remember how hassle free and inexpensive it was compared with those of their friends and family. They will experience how easy it is to maintain and remember that American craftsmanship isn’t dead, because they had your team of craftsmen build them an incredible, sturdy, beautiful cedar deck.

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